Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day with Direct Mail

Cheerful young woman receiving a gift from her boyfriend

A highly anticipated event for significant others and retailers alike, Valentine’s Day is all about pampering and indulging. And with Canadians expected to spend a near-record amount on their loved ones this year, it’s more than clear that these days,… Read more

Mother’s Day Marketing for Small Businesses

Mother's Day Marketing for Small Businesses

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times for businesses. Mom’s special day is the third biggest ‘holiday’ of the year, generating $21.5 billion in 2018, and has seen large increases in consumer spending year-over-year. Small businesses shouldn’t shy away… Read more

Direct Mail Marketing Still Effective for Millennials

Millennial direct mail marketing for group of young friends.

Many believe that the millennial generation is mostly influenced and persuaded by digital marketing. However, new evidence proves this is simply a misconception.  In fact, case studies have found that millennials are better reached through direct mail than by email… Read more

Direct Mail: Marketing Ethnocultural Diversity

Marketing Ethnocultural Diversity

Marketers are missing out on two huge segments of the Canadian population—landed immigrants and visible minorities. According to Statistic Canada’s 2016 census, 22 percent of Canadians are now visible minorities, and 21 percent report that they once were a landed… Read more

Men Love Couponing: Five Myths About Male Shoppers

Men love couponing myths about male shoppers.

Many marketers will be surprised to learn that it’s not just women cutting out their coupons. When men buy groceries, apparel, or shop at other retailers, they’re making other unusual decisions that you could be taking advantage of. To attract… Read more

Valentine’s Day Marketing For Small Businesses

Valentine's Day marketing for small businesses.

Savvy businesses are taking advantage of holidays like Valentine’s Day. But to do so effectively means identifying shopping habits and consumer profiles. You may be surprised to learn that while most people will purchase something on Valentine’s Day, it won’t… Read more

Direct Mail Marketing & Improving Your Business Productivity

business productivity using direct mail.

When it comes to increasing the productivity of your small business, an effective direct mail marketing strategy coupled with working smarter can yield tremendous results. But what exactly is meant by “working smarter”? And what can small businesses do to… Read more

Direct Mail Marketing: Growing Your Business

direct mail marketing

If you’re a business owner looking to expand your customer base, increase revenues, or improve engagement, an effective direct mail marketing strategy can significantly help grow your business.      The advantages of direct mail marketing for your business Studies show… Read more

How Graphic Design Can Improve Your Marketing

Woman creating graphic design at work

Graphic design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in various advertisements and media. When it comes to marketing for a small or large business, graphic design is important. The  design quality can dramatically improve the effectiveness… Read more

9 Design Rules For Creating More Effective Print Ads

design print advertisments

When it comes to creating effective print ads, strategic and thoughtful design is key. Print advertisements offer a highly valuable and targeted technique compared to their digital counterparts. Rather than constantly bombarding the target market with spam emails and other… Read more