A Company That Leads the Marketing Landscape

Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) was founded in 2003 to provide Canadian business owners with effective direct mail distribution. Direct Response Media Group is now a respected name in Canada and is the market leader in the direct mail industry. Below are some notable accomplishments and statistics:

  • We circulate over 170 million direct mail products across Canada annually to approximately 16 million unique homes
  • We publish over 1 billion coupons annually
  • We publish and own 8 English and French publications that are trusted and recognized across Canada
  • Our Money Saver brand is the most recognized brand for everyday savings on thousands of products and services in Canada
  • We implement over 150 strategic publishing dates through the calendar year
  • We retain over 80% of advertisers over the long-term

After establishing itself as a direct mail powerhouse over the years with numerous local publications and standalones, DRMG delved into the online marketing field by introducing an online coupon service (MoneySaver.ca) and a digital marketing division to provide its clients with a range of full service digital marketing programs.

Throughout all the expansion and changes DRMG has endured, there is one objective that hasn’t changed, and that is helping clients succeed. At DRMG we don’t consider you as clients, we consider you as partners. We want to be able to make you in demand, in control of your business’ future, and make you feel proud of what you and your company delivers to your community.