3 Ways to Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

They are clever, catchy and most importantly, they are concise. They also leave the best first impression possible. A great headline is the most important ingredient for a stellar piece of advertising. It’s that simple. The most frustrating aspect, though?… Read more

Unlock A New Customer Base With Repetition

It’s no accident that a well-crafted pop song gets stuck in your head. All great pop songs have one thing in common. They all use repetitions as the main element of their structure. Let’s look at The Beatles lyrics to… Read more

How Your Business Can Get More Likes on Facebook

Facebook Likes

Every business has a presence on Facebook, but how many people does that page reach? You put a lot of time and energy into your Facebook page, but are you maximizing your reach? There are ways to get more likes… Read more

Focus Your Marketing Efforts On The Right Social Media Channel

social media channel

For businesses, the world of social media is often overwhelming. There are too many platforms, featuring too many kinds of content. Sometimes it can feel as though you’re too busy to stop and measure the impact your social activity is… Read more

Top Content Marketing Trends You Should Follow

content marketing trends for business

The marketing world is always moving forward finding novel strategies based on new data, changing consumer trends, and improving technology. But which of these trends should you follow, or more importantly,  invest your precious marketing dollars in? Here are the… Read more

How to Write A Strong Call to Action

call to action marketing

A call to action (CTA) is an essential part of marketing —it asks your audience to act on the information given to them and tells them how. If well crafted, your CTA will translate into a sale, email sign-up, or… Read more

New Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketing Trends for 2018.

Every year new innovations sweep through the marketing world and in 2018 it’s no different. Digital marketing is evolving and at a rapid pace, from being virtually unheard of 20 years ago to new advances in computing applications and adapting… Read more

How Marketing Infographics Can Help Your Business

Online marketing infographic

With an abundance of information at our fingertips, blog posts and articles can quickly become boring without the help of pictures or graphics. Infographics are an often overlooked tactic that can greatly enhance any digital marketing strategy. By combining information,… Read more

Direct Mail Marketing: The Importance of Copy

Woman writing copy for business

As the saying goes: It begins with an idea…but it certainly doesn’t end there. When it comes to direct mail marketing, many companies overlook the importance of clean and concise writing. After all, a good idea can only go so… Read more

The Essentials of Copywriting

copywriting for business

Copywriting is an essential marketing strategy for all of your business material. It is the art of using language both written and verbal to effectively communicate your message in a way that will get recognized by your audience. Successful copywriting… Read more