3 Essential Influencers For Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Your customer’s mailbox is a treasure chest of goodies and gems. In order to have your direct mail advertisement shine out from the rest, you’ll need to combine these 3 essential design components. Give your campaign a major appeal to… Read more

Solve a real problem or overcome an obstacle for your customers

Ideas for great products come from anywhere and everywhere. A great product  either overcomes an obstacle or solves a real problem in a new or traditional way. Rare are the product marketers like Steve Jobs who know innately what people need…. Read more

Direct Mail: Marketing Ethnocultural Diversity

Marketing Ethnocultural Diversity

Marketers are missing out on two huge segments of the Canadian population—landed immigrants and visible minorities. According to Statistic Canada’s 2016 census, 22 percent of Canadians are now visible minorities, and 21 percent report that they once were a landed… Read more

New Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketing Trends for 2018.

Every year new innovations sweep through the marketing world and in 2018 it’s no different. Digital marketing is evolving and at a rapid pace, from being virtually unheard of 20 years ago to new advances in computing applications and adapting… Read more

Effective Loyalty Program for Small Businesses

loyalty programs for small businesses

Loyalty programs when done right are one of the most powerful incentives for returning customers. On average, consumers spend 46% more with businesses who have a loyalty program. The statistic makes sense. Why buy your shampoo and body wash from… Read more

How Graphic Design Can Improve Your Marketing

Woman creating graphic design at work

Graphic design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in various advertisements and media. When it comes to marketing for a small or large business, graphic design is important. The  design quality can dramatically improve the effectiveness… Read more

Business Development and the Online Frontier

With 80% of the Canadian population online, it is important to stand out. A strong online presence requires: content that is relevant and intriguing; professional yet relatable; and generates audience participation (“likes, shares, and reviews”). Along with the daily tasks… Read more

10 Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Business people in a presentation

The need to adapt is both the challenge and joy of marketing. Updating your marketing strategies can distinguish you from competitors and keep existing customers engaged. Direct mail is a dynamic, adaptable method of reaching your target demographic in a… Read more

How to Get More Out of Your Website

Person on their laptop typing information on a website

Your website is the online storefront for your business, you want it to be welcoming, but also informative. If you make your potential customers work hard to understand what your business does, they probably aren’t going to stick around for… Read more

How to Master Social Media Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Hand holding a pen writing social media marketing on the screen

Every business owner knows marketing is important and a must if you want to stay competitive. While the principles of marketing haven’t changed over the last 50 years, the medium has. Here are five steps to help you master this… Read more