5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know

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1. Ensure you have a viable product Having a great product that can generate revenue is the most important thing, says Jeff Dennis, entrepreneur in residence at law firm Fasken Martineau in Toronto. After you’re sure the product has revenue… Read more

4 Easy Steps to Effective Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing in mailbox

1. Understanding Your Target Customers Knowing about your best customers is a key factor in targeted direct marketing. Knowing the customers’ basic demographics, such as males 18 to 34 or females with children, is a start. However, a more complete… Read more

What Does Google Know That You Don’t?

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“The Average Canadian Household Has 4 Radio or Music Listening Devices with an Average Number of Channels Exceeding 43 3 Televisions with an average of 100+ stations or specialty channels to view ..but only ONE mailbox” Digital or internet marketing… Read more

Defining your Brand

You have already launched your business but how well defined is your brand? Without a defined brand your business runs the risk of losing its focus and purpose. First thing first, ask yourself a few basic questions about your business…. Read more

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media

See what Nessa Felleson of The Online Marketing Institute Blog has to say about SEO & Social Media. Whether they go together like peanut butter and jam, or they’re two pea’s in a pod- check out the advantages for your… Read more

How Google Does It! Direct Mail Marketing

“Google is one of the most idolized companies in the world right now. Funny thing is that most people don’t realize that Google is also one of the largest direct mailers globally. That’s right, high tech Google consistently uses low… Read more

Effective Marketing for Back to School!

It’s now that time of the summer, and the hype of going back to school is beginning earlier and earlier each year. Back to School with Simply Cast will share some simple tips on multi-channel marketing, and how it can help… Read more

9 Ways to Measure Your Brands Social Media Health

Here is a post written by Jaqueline Zenn, the director of Social Media Strategy at SociaLogic, on the importance of social media health. Here she outlines 9 great tips on ways to measure this, and above all- why you should care!… Read more

Google+ for Your Business

Click this link below for a detailed screen cast by media expert Chris Brogan, on what Google+ is, what it can do for your business, and small tips for proper and beneficial use.  He also explains the difference between Google+… Read more