Canada Post Taking Initiatives to Promote Direct Mail

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A lot of small Canadian businesses are slowly ditching their direct mail marketing strategies and investing more into digital marketing. Canada Post on the other hand has other ideas. In the article below, Canada Post is trying to encourage homeowners… Read more

Gmail’s New Tab Format is a Win for Direct Mail

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How Direct Mail benefits from Google’s New Gmail Change If you are a regular user of Gmail (and in today’s age even companies are using the Gmail client for their company Email addresses) then you have noticed that Google has… Read more

Top 4 Benefits of Direct Mail For Your Business Success

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As a Business Owner it is hard to sift through the filth and find the goldmine of marketing strategies. Instead of looking for the next great thing in marketing, focus on some of the options already in place and are… Read more

The Secret To Increasing Your Marketing Returns by 20%

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Everyone is looking for the next big marketing secret to increase their company’s awareness, thereby increasing their leads. The past few years the marketing world has been turned upside down with new marketing strategies that marketers would have never dreamed… Read more

Big Brands Benefit From Direct Mail

As a national brand, you have a lot of customers to engage on a frequent basis. One of the main challenges of this is that your regional and local markets can be so unique and different from each other that… Read more

Give Your Business a Valentine’s Day Gift

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For most, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for people to show someone (or many people) just how much there are loved. As business owners, our “true” love is for our business, often started from scratch and nurtured every day until… Read more

Seller Beware and Transparency Rules Sales in 2013

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We’re all well acquainted with the concept of “buyer beware”; that the onus is on the buyer during a sales transaction to ensure that they’re not taken advantage of. However, a subtle change has crept in over the last decade… Read more

7 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

7 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing Cover

Despite what you hear about the trendy new ways to market your business on the internet, on mobile phones and with social media…did you know that direct mail marketing is more effective than ever? Why? Because no matter how much… Read more

How to Break Bad News to a Client

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Delivering bad news to a client is an unpleasant task for any small business owner, but we all face tough conversations such as asking for a budget increase or deadline extension. Learning to do it effectively can turn an uncomfortable… Read more