4 Important Digital Marketing Channels You Should Know About

Strategizing Digital Marketing tactics

From influencer marketing to search engine optimization and everything in between, digital marketing covers a wide range of topics. It goes without saying that digital marketing is essential for any successful business in this day and age, but it’s important… Read more

How Marketing Infographics Can Help Your Business

Online marketing infographic

With an abundance of information at our fingertips, blog posts and articles can quickly become boring without the help of pictures or graphics. Infographics are an often overlooked tactic that can greatly enhance any digital marketing strategy. By combining information,… Read more

Tips & Tricks: How DRMG Creates Marketing Offers

Marketing offers created by business.

Offers, deals, discounts, coupons, and promotions are all great ways to increase conversion rates and boost sales. All of these tactics are examples of direct marketing offers. These marketing offers can benefit your business by attracting attention and profitable customer… Read more

5 Elements to Creating Exciting Marketing Offers

Marketing offer on mobile device

As Don Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando, famously said in The Godfather: “I’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse.” Corleone may not exactly have been a marketer but with that attitude, you could argue he would have made… Read more

5 Tips for Successful Target Marketing

Target marketing customer segmentation for shoppers.

Target marketing can be a very useful tool in promoting your company or brand, creating new business and driving sales. By aiming your marketing at specific groups of customers, it can save you money and time, and get your company’s… Read more

How Direct Mail Redefines Target Marketing

Target marketing with direct mail.

Reaching out to your customers using target marketing lets your business start a conversation with your core audience group. Your business can better identify which demographic segment is most interested in your product or service. This distinction is not only… Read more

Direct Mail in the GTA: Which Product Is Right for Your Business?

direct mail in GTA advertising business products

If you are trying to generate traffic and increase profits for your business, direct mail marketing is an effective way to get noticed amongst your target demographic in the Greater Toronto Area. The benefits of direct mail advertising are endless… Read more

Direct Mail Marketing & Improving Your Business Productivity

business productivity using direct mail.

When it comes to increasing the productivity of your small business, an effective direct mail marketing strategy coupled with working smarter can yield tremendous results. But what exactly is meant by “working smarter”? And what can small businesses do to… Read more

Effective Loyalty Program for Small Businesses

loyalty programs for small businesses

Loyalty programs when done right are one of the most powerful incentives for returning customers. On average, consumers spend 46% more with businesses who have a loyalty program. The statistic makes sense. Why buy your shampoo and body wash from… Read more

Direct Mail Marketing: Growing Your Business

direct mail marketing

If you’re a business owner looking to expand your customer base, increase revenues, or improve engagement, an effective direct mail marketing strategy can significantly help grow your business.      The advantages of direct mail marketing for your business Studies show… Read more