Home Improvement Industry Marketing Tips

home improvement industry marketing

When you own and run a home improvement business, it is important to make sure that your marketing efforts are well planned, and they provide you with real results. The target market for the home improvement industry is very specific,… Read more

Restaurant Industry Marketing Tips

restaurant industry marketing

The competition in the restaurant industry is huge. There’s practically no room for any errors or you risk falling behind hundreds of other places that customers can choose to eat in any given area. Furthermore, in the restaurant industry there… Read more

REDEEM NOW: The Advantage to Posting Coupons Online

coupons online

Coupons are a crucial part of any direct mail campaign when it comes to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. 67% of unaddressed print advertising pieces, that Canadians receive, are either: read, saved for later, or used immediately*2. Today,… Read more

3 Key Elements for Market Exposure

market exposure

“Across professional services industries, only a slight majority (54 percent) said marketing and business development activities were strongly coordinated. However, a lack of integration between the two can result in wasted efforts and lost opportunities.”*[1] Business Development focuses on forming… Read more

Business Development and the Online Frontier

With 80% of the Canadian population online, it is important to stand out. A strong online presence requires: content that is relevant and intriguing; professional yet relatable; and generates audience participation (“likes, shares, and reviews”). Along with the daily tasks… Read more

Treasure Map: Strategic Planning

Strategic planning a main component to great business growth. However, growth has to focus on more than just financial gain. Of course, a business cannot grow without a healthy bottom line but in all businesses a strategic business development plan… Read more

Tips for Planning Your 2017 Mail Campaign

Tips for Planning Your 2017 Mail Campaign

The New Year is a new opportunity to learn from your past mistakes, build on your success, and achieve even better direct mail results. Direct mail has been around for a long time but it is constantly evolving. To make… Read more

5 Tips For Using Flyers to Promote a Special Event

Flyers to Promote a Special Event

Businesses can find many benefits in hosting a special event; whether it is a weekend sale, a wine tasting event, store opening, or even face painting and balloon twisting for children. You’ve probably seen something like this before; walking by… Read more

FAQ About Direct Mail

FAQ About Direct Mail

Any truly comprehensive modern marketing strategy needs to incorporate direct mail. But what is direct mail exactly, and how does it work? Direct mail marketing is a wide term that is applied to sending a range of marketing materials (including… Read more

And the Survey Says….Direct Mail Marketing Remains Relevant

Person pulling out direct mail from the mailbox

The past year has been one of uncertainty for many Canadians, as the future of Canada Post has looked shaky at times. However, potential postal strikes and the increases in postage rates have not reduced the effectiveness of direct mail… Read more