How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews

If you had it your way, every online review your business receives would be positive.  While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, negative reviews are bound to trickle in.  As a small business owner, you may get upset. You… Read more

How to Skyrocket Your Coupon Redemption Rate

For any deal-hungry consumer, the thrill of saving money can be powerful. It can also be addicting, too. Recent studies have confirmed that coupons, as a marketing contrivance, still heavily influence consumer purchase decisions. For those of you that are surprised… Read more

The Importance of a Strong Brand Identity

Young and creative start-up team discussing ideas in board room. Group of multi ethnic people during business meeting.

As a business owner, are you looking to stand out and attract a loyal following? Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been around for decades, developing a strong brand identity should never be an afterthought. The reality is this: your… Read more