Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day with Direct Mail

Cheerful young woman receiving a gift from her boyfriend

A highly anticipated event for significant others and retailers alike, Valentine’s Day is all about pampering and indulging. And with Canadians expected to spend a near-record amount on their loved ones this year, it’s more than clear that these days,… Read more

4 Ways To Capture More Google Reviews For Your Business

Imagine the last time you decided to try a new restaurant, order a product or book a trades service. Where did you go for advice? Who did you talk with to sway your decision? Nine times out of ten, we… Read more

Redefining the Shared Direct Mail Landscape

These days, ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ is taking on a special meaning here at DRMG. The new Polybag Mailer has arrived and it will be replacing our paper Money Saver Envelope product. With a long… Read more