home improvement industry marketing

When you own and run a home improvement business, it is important to make sure that your marketing efforts are well planned, and they provide you with real results. The target market for the home improvement industry is very specific, and it’s crucial that you choose marketing activities that have both trackable ROI and the ability to reach your target market effectively.

With that being said, have you ever run a direct mail campaign? Coupons are a crucial part, since direct mail is what brings customers into your store and encourages a call.

Direct mail is still a very popular marketing tool, even with the shift to online. There are lots of benefits to pairing direct mail and online coupons, especially in the home improvement industry.

Benefits of Direct Mail and Coupon Offers in the Home Improvement Industry

  • Reach your target audience directly
  • Trackable ROI
  • Target by demographic and geographics
  • Put your offer directly into your customer’s hands
  • Get your customers onto your website
  • Encourage customers to sign-up for your email list, or create an account on your site
  • Ability to up-sell, as well as cross-sell

There are countless other benefits to merging direct mail and online coupons, especially when you are trying to increase brand awareness for your company and get new clients. The key is to find the perfect target for the direct mail campaign, and then get those potential customers online to view or print coupons and sign up for your email newsletters.

Example Coupon Offers in the Home Improvement Industry

– XX% off online purchase
– XX% off in-store purchase (print coupon from website)
– Free shipping on online purchases of $XX or more
– $XX off an online purchase of $XX or more
– $XX off an in-store purchase of $XX or more
– $XX percentage off your first online purchase

These are direct mail tactics that you can use in conjunction with coupon offers. Also, direct mail pieces are sent out with actionable instructions to go online and uncover their “deal” or register to have the “deal” sent through email. Using this kind of approach to direct marketing is perfect for tracking ROI because it’s measurable you are able to view the number of clicks, registrations, and physical coupon redemptions as a result of your campaign.

Are you thinking it’s time to invest in a direct mail campaign, one that includes coupon offers? At DRMG, we can help you create an ideal and customized direct mail campaign with online coupons to encourage trial purchases and enhance customer loyalty.