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As a Business Owner it is hard to sift through the filth and find the goldmine of marketing strategies. Instead of looking for the next great thing in marketing, focus on some of the options already in place and are already proven in the business world; direct mail is one of those proven marketing strategies. Direct Mail has been around for as long as postal service has existed. In fact postal service is one of the oldest public-service institutions in the world; meaning that there has been tons of data that has been collected to demonstrate direct mail’s effectiveness.

To make it easy for you to at strongly consider direct mailing as a marketing option for your business, we have listed the top 4 benefits of using direct mail.

1. Mail is Tangible – When you go to the front door and pick up your mail, you will sift through each one of the mail pieces. Everybody else is doing the exact same thing when going through their mail; therefore guaranteeing your message will be seen and read by your target market.

There are still many customers that are skeptical about email messages or other types of new digital media, but the same customers are still receptive to direct mail because it’s something they can touch and they are accustomed to it.

2. You can measure results of your direct mail campaign without complicated analytics – We understand that business owners do not have time to figure out complicated analytics when they’re trying to build their businesses. We know that you do not want to spend countless hours figuring out how to lower bounce rates and increasing impressions and conversion rates, while answering sales inquiries through the phone and doing the job that customers pay you to do all at the same time.

If you do not want to hire a digital marketing agency to take care of complicated analytics, direct mailing is your best option. It is very easy to track the success of a direct mail campaign. All you need to do is count the number of inquiries made since you started your direct mail campaign. If you are incorporating coupons on your direct mail pieces, you can measure the success of your direct mail campaign by counting how many coupons were redeemed at your business.

3. Direct Mail is Highly Customizable – When you check your Email inbox on your Outlook or Gmail all your new messages look the same (sender, subject line). If you’re not familiar with the sender you’ll delete it without a second look; furthermore your mail might be marked as spam or a virus if you put an attachment to your Email as well. The good news is that with direct mail you can make beautiful direct mail pieces customized to your needs. Formats range from postcards and brochures, to magazines and catalogs.

4. Prospects Can Keep Your Direct Mail Pieces for Later Use – People get countless Emails per day so unless they reply right away they will usually get lost in the shuffle even if they say to themselves they’ll reply later. In addition there’s a saying in sales “No doesn’t mean No, it means not right now,” so it’s all about timing. Homeowners might not need a basement renovation this year but they might want one next year so if your direct mail piece really catches their eye, they’ll keep it and contact you when they’re ready.

Although attention is now geared towards digital marketing avenues such as SEO, PPC and social media, direct mail campaigns should still be a part of your comprehensive marketing campaigns as direct mail is flexible, affordable and very user-friendly.